Birth With Confidence Classes - now on-line!

“Labor with confidence”

This program is designed so you and your labor partner will feel like your teamwork and techniques will get your through the hard work of labor. Your fears will be addressed so you can labor and birth with an “I’ve got this” attititude. You will practice hands-on skills, “pelvis opening” positions and pain coping techniques. Practice active relaxation and focused breathing.

This 6 hour short course focuses on labor with short segments on being involved in decision-making and medical interventions.  We will also look at ways to optimize your experience if your labor path turns to a cesarean.  We will briefly look at getting breastfeeding off to a great start. 

Classes are held on ZOOM. You will need a computer, webcam and dependable access to wi-fi. 

These classes are small by design. Due to the short length of the program, pregnancy,  new baby facts, postpartum adjustments will not be covered. Consider opting for an additional private session with Teri to cover these additional topics.

Dates: September 26 & 27 from 9 – 12 each day
Fee: $125 for pregnant person and  support/partner. 

Welcoming a new baby to our family with Confidence

Due to COVID – this class is not currently offered. 

This class focuses on welcoming the new baby and preparing the older child on what to expect, especially if they are going to be present at the birth. Parents attend with their 2.5 – 6 year old children. The DVD “There’s a Baby” will be shown, a kid friendly puppet will share the story of birth, an easy craft project created and a discussion on how to welcome the baby.

Fee: $45 per child (includes parents)

Individual Birth with Confidence Sessions

This is an option for those whose schedules or preferences make it easier to have a specially designed private session for themselves and their labor support team. These sessions can be purchased in 2 hour modules and your needs will be discussed prior to the session. These sessions can be held on ZOOM.

Typical themes for sessions:

  • What are your options/developing a birth plan/priorities list
  • What to pack/ when to go/ laboring at home in early labor
  • Tools and techniques for labor support (birth ball, peanut ball, CUB, rebozos)
  • Pain coping techniques
  • Baby is here – now what
  • Powerful postpartum planning

Fee: $ 150 per 3 hour session